“CLASSIC INNOCENTS”, New CD Released 8/13 by Ace Records. 28 tracks with all The Innocents work while on Rerise, Decca, and Warner Bros. after the Indigo years. Includes an 8000 word booklet with their story and the story of the LA music scene at the time along with pix and personal memories by Jim & Al. Many out takes including an accappela version of ‘Lovely Way To Spend An Evening’ and other related tracks along with the finished 45 releases.

“Honest I Do”-peaked at #28 10/08/1960-on the chart for 10 weeks/R&B charts at #9 as well
“Gee Whiz” -peaked at #28 1/21/1961-on chart for 11 weeks/R&B charts at #11 as well
“A Thousand Stars” -peaked at #3-both “Gee Whiz” and “A Thousand Stars” charting at the same time
“Happy Birthday Blues” followed and charted to #28
The Innocents “Kathy”, “My Heart Stood Still” on Hot One Hundred.


The Echoes: 45 Single on Andex
“De De Di Oh” b/s “Time”

THE INNOCENTS: Indigo-45 Singles
Honest I Do” b/s “Baby Hully Gullys”
Tick Tock” b/s “The Rut” (on Trans World)
Gee Whiz” b/s “/”Chiquita”
“Kathy” b/s “In the Beginning
“Beware” b/s “Because I Love You”
Donna” b/s “You Got Me Goin'”
“Pains in My Heart” b/s “When I Become a Man”

12 song ALBUM “Innocently Yours” THE INNOCENTS -“Honest I Do”/”Chiquita“/ *”Walking Along”/*”Once in A While”/*”Please Mr. Sun”/* “Girl of my Dreams”/”Gee Whiz”/*”Hog for You”/*”It Was A Tear“/”Donna”/”My Baby Hully Gullys”/* “ I Believe in You“/  (*Album tracks never released as singles)

Bobby James aka Jim West: Indigo-45 Single
“5000 Tears Ago” b/s “Memories Linger On”

Kathy Young with THE INNOCENTS: Indigo- 45 Singles
“A Thousand Stars” b/s “Eddie My Darling
“Happy Birthday Blues” b/s “Someone to Love”
“Our Parents Talked it Over” b/s ” Just as Though You Were Here”
“Magic is the Night” b/s “Du Du’nt Du”Great Pretender” b/s “Baby Oh Baby

Kathy Young With THE INNOCENTS: Indigo 4 song EP-“Happy Birthday Blues”/”Sparkle and Shine“/”Angel on my Shoulder”/”Eddie My Darling”

12 Song Album-“The Sound of Kathy Young” with THE INNOCENTS-“A Thousand Stars”/”Angel on my Shoulder”/”*Please Love Me Forever”/ “*Lonely Blue Nights”/ “Baby Oh Baby”/”Eddie My Darling”/”Happy Birthday Blues“/”Sparkle and Shine”/”*Gee Whiz, Look at His Eyes“/”*Will You Love Me Tomorrow”/”*Angel Baby”/”Someone to Love” (*Album tracks never released as singles)

“Our Best to You”-14 song album/Starfire Records: 7 tracks Kathy Young with THE INNOCENTS/ 7 tracks THE INNOCENTS -selections from the Indigo recordings.

THE INNOCENTS-Reprise 45 Single
Oh, How I Miss My Baby” b/s “You’re Never Satisfied”
-Decca 45 Single
Don’t Cry” b/s “Come On Lover”
(4 other never released songs were recorded on Decca, but have been lost to time)

THE INNOCENTS-Warner Bros.  45 Single
“My Heart Stood Still” b/s “Don’t Call Me Lonely Anymore”

JIM & AL-“Oh God”/”Soul Salvation”/ “Hang On”/ “Loving You”

THE INNOCENTS, The Complete Indigo Recordings-Ace Records-25 song compilation CD which includes all the 45 singles and album tracks plus 4 studio outtakes: “Sleeping Beauty”/”Two Young Hearts”/”Little Blue Star”/ “I Know A Valley” and the 2 Andex singles recordings.

THE INNOCENTS-4 Song EP-“Midnight Snack” -“Oh, How I Miss My Baby” (updated redo of the earlier Reprise release)/”Our Love”/ “Pledging My Love“/ “Angel With A Heartache”